A century and a half – and the story continues2023-08-03T10:04:12+00:00

A century and a half – and the story continues

Memories are a remarkable thing. Inevitably the past seems prettier, sunnier and better than the present. We remember ever brighter colours, sweeter tastes and bigger adventures.

At De Klerk Binnenbouw, it’s exactly the same.

With pride and joy, we look back at our history. A history with many milestones, successes and victories. But even though our story now covers one and a half centuries, we still prefer looking forward over looking back. Our 150-year jubilee, in 2023, will therefore mainly be about the future.

In 1873 Hendrik Hubertus de Klerk began manufacturing and selling braided rugs and mats. It marked the first step towards a company that would not only become The Netherlands’ largest department store for interiors and furniture, but an internationally prominent brand in exclusive yacht interiors as well. In the 1970s, after almost one hundred years of growth and innovation, De Klerk took over Koninklijke Meubelfabriek H.P. Mutters & Zoon. In doing so, the company added an impressive interior tradition to its own history, stretching from decorating royal palaces and yachts to the furniture for legendary planes and ocean liners. Since 2015 De Klerk Binnenbouw has been a part of the Group Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw.

During our jubilee year we will put our historical feats in a contemporary perspective. We will guide you along the backdrop of our history, in Rotterdam and The Hague. The grand jubilee party aboard the SS Rotterdam, celebrating the Roaring Twenties, will be a night of pure nostalgia.

Above all, however, in 2023 the emphasis will be on DKB’s current creative power and ambition. During the first part of the year, young and promising artists will mark the occasion with a unique, tangible work of art. We will report frequently about the work in progress online.

On Saturday June 17th we will open the doors of our headquarters to the public, while also opening an extraordinary exhibition, in which we focus on the past as well as on today’s craft. Our permanent passion for craftsmanship can also be found in our DKB jubilee logo.

At De Klerk Binnenbouw we will make 2023 a jubilee year filled with surprises. Do you want to keep a close watch on everything that’s going on? Visit this website for impressions, reports and programme updates, throughout the year.

Words matter


We approached spoken word artist Ivan Words and signpainter Tim Braakman to combine their skills in order to articulate the pride and perspective connected to our 150-year anniversary.

Let’s go back in time


Come with us and relive the eventful history of DKB. What started as a modest shop, evolved into an exciting, 150-year journey. We will take you back to the very beginning.

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