DKB Woerden



Over many years I have collaborated with De Vries and De Klerk Binnenbouw and together we have created 10 Feadships. The craftsmanship of De Klerk has always been astounding, the thoroughness of their detailed workshop drawings was always impeccable and enabled the interior design to be implemented with perfection.

The most challenging project without doubt was to build the interior of the 50m Sussurro where the project brief was to achieve 50 knots. These criteria meant engaging in aircraft type fitting out materials which was unknown territory. The design detailing was also unknown territory as it encompassed many unusual finishes never part of their normal vernacular.

We sent aluminium honeycomb panels to Malaysia to be covered in split bamboo for wall panels. When the panels arrived back they were beautifully made by the Malay craftsmen but instead of the specified brown bamboo they were green! On protesting to the manufacturers their answer was, all you have to do is leave them in the sun for a couple of weeks and the brown will materialise naturally….it was November in Aalsmeer and the canals were frozen!